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Darren Lund E. The Wiley International Handbook of Service-Learning for Social Justice

A comprehensive guide to service-learning for social justice written by an international panel of experts The Wiley International Handbook of Service-Learning for Social Justice offers a review of recent trends in social justice that have been, until recently, marginalized in the field of service-learning. The authors offer a guide for establishing and nurturing social justice in a variety of service-learning programs, and show that incorporating the principles of social justice in service-learning can empower communities to resist and disrupt oppressive power structures, and work for solidarity with host and partner communities. With contributions from an international panel of experts, the Handbook contains a critique of the field’s roots in charity; a review of the problematization of Whitenormativity, paired with the bolstering of diverse voices and perspectives; and information on the embrace of emotional elements including tension, ambiguity, and discomfort. This important resource: Considers the role of the community in service-learning and other community‑engaged models of education and practice Explores the necessity of disruption and dissonance in service-learning Discusses a number of targeted issues that often arise in service-learning contexts Offers a practical guide to establishing and nurturing social justice at the heart of an international service-learning program Written for advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, scholars, and educators, The Wiley International Handbook of Service-Learning for Social Justice highlights social justice as a conflict‑ridden struggle against inequality, xenophobia, and oppression, and offers practical suggestions for incorporating service-learning programs in various arenas.

15853.19 РУБ



Meghan Manfra McGlinn The Wiley Handbook of Social Studies Research

The Wiley Handbook of Social Studies Research is a wide-ranging resource on the current state of social studies education. This timely work not only reflects on the many recent developments in the field, but also explores emerging trends. This is the first major reference work on social studies education and research in a decade An in-depth look at the current state of social studies education and emerging trends Three sections cover: foundations of social studies research, theoretical and methodological frameworks guiding social studies research, and current trends and research related to teaching and learning social studies A state-of-the-art guide for both graduate students and established researchers Guided by an advisory board of well-respected scholars in social studies education research

14716.11 РУБ



Amanda Ie The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Mindfulness

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Mindfulness brings together the latest multi-disciplinary research on mindfulness from a group of international scholars: Examines the origins and key theories of the two dominant Western approaches to mindfulness Compares, contrasts, and integrates insights from the social psychological and Eastern-derived perspectives Discusses the implications for mindfulness across a range of fields, including consciousness and cognition, education, creativity, leadership and organizational behavior, law, medical practice and therapy, well-being, and sports 2 Volumes

30563.46 РУБ



Robin Murphy A. The Wiley Handbook on the Cognitive Neuroscience of Learning

The Wiley Handbook on the Cognitive Neuroscience of Learning charts the evolution of associative analysis and the neuroscientific study of behavior as parallel approaches to understanding how the brain learns that both challenge and inform each other. Covers a broad range of topics while maintaining an overarching integrative approach Includes contributions from leading authorities in the fields of cognitive neuroscience, associative learning, and behavioral psychology Extends beyond the psychological study of learning to incorporate coverage of the latest developments in neuroscientific research

14716.11 РУБ



Nick Rushby The Wiley Handbook of Learning Technology

The Wiley Handbook of Learning Technology is an authoritative and up-to-date survey of the fast-growing field of learning technology, from its foundational theories and practices to its challenges, trends, and future developments. Offers an examination of learning technology that is equal parts theoretical and practical, covering both the technology of learning and the use of technology in learning Individual chapters tackle timely and controversial subjects, such as gaming and simulation, security, lifelong learning, distance education, learning across educational settings, and the research agenda Designed to serve as a point of entry for learning technology novices, a comprehensive reference for scholars and researchers, and a practical guide for education and training practitioners Includes 29 original and comprehensively referenced essays written by leading experts in instructional and educational technology from around the world

4146.92 РУБ



E-Learning and Social Media. Education Citizenship for the Digital 21st Century

A volume in International Advances in Education:Global Initiatives for Equity and Social Justice. Volume 10, E-learning & Social Media: Education and Citizenship for the Digital 21st Century, addresses the use of technology in: developing and expanding educational delivery systems to reach rural populations, providing access to equitable education opportunities for disadvantaged and marginalized populations, and encouraging student civic engagement. The volume evaluates e-learning programs (distributed through the Internet, via satellite and hosted on social media) that promote equitable education for disadvantaged populations; examines the challenges and benefits of social media on student self-identity, collaboration, and academic engagement; shares promising practices associated with technology in education and e-citizenship in the 21st century, and advances the discussion on blending global citizenship education and social media that raises student awareness, accountability and social justice involvement.

6052 РУБ



John Voeller G. Social and Behavioral Research for Homeland Security

Social and Behavioral Research for Homeland Security features articles from the Wiley Handbook of Science and Technology for Homeland Security covering social and psychological aspects of terrorism and counterterrorism efforts from different perspectives. First, it examines the roots of terrorism; second, it explores the consequences of terrorism; then communication, training, and learning development of responders and the public in situations of terror attacks, are discussed.

1883.51 РУБ



Bruce Marlowe A. The Wiley International Handbook of Educational Foundations

Promotes a model of critique for teachers, scholars, and policy makers to challenge established educational practice in a global context. The Wiley International Handbook of Educational Foundations features international scholars uniquely qualified to examine issues specific to their regions of the world. The Handbook provides readers with an alternative to the traditional texts in the foundations of education by taking aim at the status quo, and by offering frameworks from which teachers and scholars of education can critically evaluate schools and schooling. Throughout, the essays are grounded in a broad historical context and the authors use an international lens to examine current controversies in order to provoke the kinds of discussion crucial for developing a critical stance. The Handbook is presented in six parts, each beginning with an Introduction to the subject. The sections featured are: Part I. Challenging Foundational Histories and Narratives of Achievement; Part II. Challenging Notions of Normalcy and Dominion; Part III. Challenging the Profession; Part IV. Challenging the Curriculum; Part V. Challenging the Idea of Schooling; and Part VI. Challenging Injustice, Inequity, and Enmity. The Wiley International Handbook of Educational Foundations offers unique insight into subjects such as: Educational reform in India, Pakistan, and China The global implications of equity-driven education Teacher education and inclusionary practices The Global Educational Reform Movement (G.E.R.M.) Education and the arts Maria Montessori and Loris Malaguzzi Legal education in authoritarian Syria The Wiley International Handbook of Educational Foundations is an important book for current and aspiring educators, scholars, and policy makers.

19023.83 РУБ



Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic The Wiley Handbook of Entrepreneurship

Written by leading scholars, The Wiley Handbook of Entrepreneurship provides a distinctive overview of methodological, theoretical and paradigm changes in the area of entrepreneurship research. It is divided into four parts covering history and theory, individual differences and creativity, organizational aspects of innovation including intrapreneurship, and macroeconomic aspects such as social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in developing countries. The result is a must-have resource for seasoned researchers and newcomers alike, as well as practitioners and advanced students of business, entrepreneurship, and social and organizational psychology.

11696.85 РУБ



Jonathan Passmore The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of the Psychology Training, Development, and Performance Improvement

The latest Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Organizational Psychology uses a psychological perspective, and a uniquely global focus, to review the latest literature and research in the interconnected fields of training, development, and performance appraisal. Maintains a truly global focus on the field with top international contributors exploring research and practice from around the world Offers researchers and professionals essential information for building a talented organization, a critical and challenging task for organizational success in the 21st century Covers a diverse range of topics, including needs analysis, job design, active learning, self-regulation, simulation approaches, 360-degree feedback, and virtual learning environments

15092.71 РУБ



Sally Zepeda J. The Wiley Handbook of Educational Supervision

An authoritative guide to educational supervision in today’s complex environment The Wiley Handbook of Educational Supervision offers a comprehensive resource that explores the evolution of supervision through contributions from a panel of noted experts. The text explores a wealth of topics including recent and dramatic changes in the complex context of today’s schools. This important resource: Describes supervision in a historical context Includes a review of adult learning and professional community Reviews new teacher preparation and comprehensive induction systems Contains perspectives on administrative feedback, peer coaching and collaboration Presents information on professional development and job-embedding learning Examines policy and implementation challenges in teacher evaluation Written for researchers, policy analysts, school administrators and supervisors, The Wiley Handbook of Educational Supervision draws on concepts, theories and research from other closely related fields of study to enhance and challenge our understanding of educational supervision.

13211 РУБ



David Williams M. The Wiley Handbook of Developmental Psychopathology

The Wiley Handbook of Developmental Psychopathology offers a concise, up-to-date, and international overview of the study of developmental psychopathology. Examines the cognitive, neurobiological, genetic, and environmental influences on normal and abnormal development across the lifespan Incorporates methodology, theory, and the latest empirical research in a discussion of modern techniques for studying developmental psychopathology Considers the legal, societal, and policy impacts of changes to diagnostic categories in the light of the transition to DSM-5 Moves beyond a disorder-based discussion to address issues that cut across diagnostic categories

14338.79 РУБ



Donna Gollnick M. The Wiley Handbook of Teaching and Learning

Provides a comprehensive reference for scholars, educators, stakeholders, and the general public on matters influencing and directly affecting education in today’s schools across the globe This enlightening handbook offers current, international perspectives on the conditions in communities, contemporary practices in schooling, relevant research on teaching and learning, and implications for the future of education. It contains diverse conceptual frameworks for analyzing existing issues in education, including but not limited to characteristics of today’s students, assessment of student learning, evaluation of teachers, trends in teacher education programs, technological advances in content delivery, the important role for school leaders, and innovative instructional practices to increase student learning. The Wiley Handbook of Teaching and Learning promotes new, global approaches to studying the process of education, demonstrates the diversity among the constituents of schooling, recognizes the need for and presents a variety of approaches to teaching and learning, and details exemplary practices in education. Divided into four sections focused on general topics—context and schooling; learners and learning; teachers and teaching; and educators as learners and leaders—and with all-new essays that look at what has been, what is, and what could be, this book is destined to inspire thoughtful contemplation from readers about what it means to teach and learn. Examines teaching, learners, and learning from a contemporary, international perspective, presenting alternative views and approaches Provides a single reference source for teachers, education leaders, and agency administrators Summarizes recent research and theory Offers evidence-based recommendations for practice Includes essays from established and emerging U.S. and international scholars Each chapter includes a section encouraging readers to think ahead and imagine what education might be in the future Scholars from around the world provide a range of evidence-based ideas for improving and modifying current educational practices, making The Wiley Handbook of Teaching and Learning an important book for the global education community and those planning on entering into it.

13211 РУБ



Justin Weeks W. The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Social Anxiety Disorder

Featuring leading international authors working in clinical psychology and psychiatry, this handbook offer the most in-depth coverage of social anxiety disorder, including personality factors in SAD, and multicultural issues in the diagnosis, case conceptualization, and treatment of SAD. A multi-contributed, internationally diverse handbook covering all major elements of social anxiety disorder, offering an invaluable teaching tool This unique text contributes significantly to the field by summarizing the current state of research in the area and outlining future directions Provides a comprehensive overview of applied, empirically-supported techniques in the conceptualization, assessment, and treatment of SAD

14717.05 РУБ



From Passion to Objectivity. International and Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on Service-Learning Research (PB)

This volume is the seventh in the Advances in Service-Learning Research series, and presents a collection ofpapers selected from those presented at the Sixth International Service-learning Research, hosted by PortlandState University in Portland, Oregon in October 2006. The theme of the conference, which is also the title ofthis volume, was "From Passion to Objectivity: International and Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on Service-Learning Research." This theme was selected to showcase several important topics in contemporary servicelearningand community engagement research. Of key importance is the way in which the chapters selected forthis volume reflect the evolution and maturation of research in the field of service-learning-moving fromdescriptive narratives of the passion for addressing social problems and inequities that was evident in much ofthe early research (and is still reflected today) to increasingly sophisticated research that draws on multiplemethodologies, presents solid evidence, and offers the basis for replication and further exploration through future research.

6252 РУБ



Carol A. Chapelle The Handbook of Technology and Second Language Teaching Learning

The Handbook of Technology and Second Language Teaching and Learning presents a comprehensive exploration of the impact of technology on the field of second language learning. The rapidly evolving language-technology interface has propelled dramatic changes in, and increased opportunities for, second language teaching and learning. Its influence has been felt no less keenly in the approaches and methods of assessing learners language and researching language teaching and learning. Contributions from a team of international scholars make up the Handbook consisting of four parts: language teaching and learning through technology; the technology-pedagogy interface; technology for L2 assessment; and research and development of technology for language learning. It considers how technology assists in all areas of language development, the emergence of pedagogy at the intersection of language and technology, technology in language assessment, and major research issues in research and development of technologies for language learning. It covers all aspects of language including grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, speaking, pragmatics, and intercultural learning, as well as new pedagogical and assessment approaches, and new ways of conceiving and conducting research and development. The Handbook of Technology and Second Language Teaching and Learning demonstrates the extensive, multifaceted implications of technology for language teachers, learners, materials-developers, and researchers.

14716.11 РУБ



Levine Michael P. The Wiley Handbook of Eating Disorders

This groundbreaking two-volume handbook provides a comprehensive collection of evidence-based analyses of the causes, treatment, and prevention of eating disorders. A two-volume handbook featuring contributions from an international group of experts, and edited by two of the leading authorities on eating disorders and body image research Presents comprehensive coverage of eating disorders, including their history, etiological factors, diagnosis, assessment, prevention, and treatment Tackles controversies and previously unanswered questions in the field Includes coverage of DSM-5 and suggestions for further research at the end of each chapter 2 Volumes

29819.1 РУБ




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Стул Luna (Модель 758/P). Элитная немецкая мебель от производителя в мебельных салонах «DekorDe». Качественно и не дорого, консультации по телефону (044) 225-22-31

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Grey. Blue. Child Safe Paints. ... Hick's Blue - No 208. LRV (Light Reflectance Value) - 10 David Hicks, one of the most important designers of the 60s and 70s, used powerful colours in combination to dramatic effect. Besides domestic projects for English aristocracy, Hicks also worked on many commercial projects and used this blue in the restaurant at the top of the London Telecom Tower in 1962. Finish Chooser. What surface are you painting?

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Стол обеденный раскладной с ящиком 600/1200х570х750 Ясень шимо светлый. 14160.39 KZT ..... Стол обеденный раскладной ЛУНД 120. 142000 KZT.

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В общественной палате РФ пройдут слушания по вопросу застройки Рублево-Архангельского и строительства дороги с мостом. Общественное движение. Реновация. Транспорт. Выботы. Строительство и застройка.

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6976. Цвет. GREY_BLUE. Код товара. 050269761575. ... Обратите внимание. Джинсы женские утепленные 6886 GREY-BLUE. Westland. 4 490 ₽ 2 202 ₽.

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Главная Каталог камня Известняк Известняк Juma Limestone Grey Blue (Известняк Джума Грей-Блю). Показать все фото. ←.

Стул Woodville Lund Grey Blue: где купить недорого - по...

Главная / Где купить / Стул / Дизайнерские стулья / Стул woodville lund grey blue /. Стул Woodville Lund Grey Blue. 7 401 ₽ Купить ✔. 10 770 ₽ Купить ✔.

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Автомобильная металлизированная пленка с переходом цвета Suncontrol GRD Blue/Grey 05. Цвет. Голубой-серый. ... Автомобильная металлизированная пленка с переходом цвета Suncontrol GRD Blue/Grey 05. Детали. Цвет.

3d Модели | Стулья

3D модели cтулья: для кухни, гостиной, барный стул, детский, дизайнерский, современный, классика, табурет, для кафе - скачать модели в формате 3ds Max, Vray, fbx, obj, с ...

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Стул мастера - Модель ii Косметологическое оборудование Стулья для мастера

Darren lund e the wiley international handbook of service learning for social. Купить Стул Lund В Интернет Магазине Все Стулья.ру. Цены И Отзывы

Стул lund по доступным ценам в специализированном магазине Все Стулья.Ру. Контактный телефон - 8-800-555-95-91. Доставка по России.

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Green, Blue, Brown Stuff. 12 товаров в наличии. Сортировать ... Blue Stuff Mold 4 Bars. Товар в пути: Доставка до 2 недель. 699 руб. В корзину! Blue Stuff Mold 8 Bars. Товар в пути: Доставка до 2 недель. 1 399 руб.

Lund Grey (@lund_grey) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from Lund Grey (@lund_grey). Writer/Muser/Student Level 15. Utah, USA. ... @lund_grey. Writer/Muser/Student Level 15. Utah, USA.

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На сайте СкидкаГИД вы можете купить Стул Woodville (серо-синий / хром) Lund grey blue ( 1637) по недорогой цене от 7401 руб с доставкой по городу Уфа, сравнить цены в интернет-магазинах, почитать отзывы и посмотреть видео обзоры.

Каталог 3d моделей | Archive | Стулья.Стол+стул

3d модель барного стула в формате С4d, 3ds Max. 3D model chairs. Casprini. 3D модель стул Casprini AZHAR. Страница 2 из 2 ... Hi-Poly 3D Weapons Pack | 3d модели ...

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Купить Стул Lund В Интернет Магазине Все Стулья.ру. Цены И Отзывы

Стул lund по доступным ценам в специализированном магазине Все Стулья.Ру. Контактный телефон - 8-800-555-95-91. Доставка по России.

3D-модель Стул (ch20) Carl Hansen ... - 3dlancer.net

Стул (ch20) от производителя Carl Hansen коллекция Chairs 3d модель хорошего качества для 3d визуализации, дизайна интерьера, 3d игр, | 3dlancer.net

Мебельная ткань микрофибра GALAXY Blue Grey...

Galaxy – новое поколение материалов, представляющих яркий пример гармоничного сочетания традиций ткачества с достижениями современной науки на уровне нанотехнологий. Традиции и новаторство так же далеки друг от друга, как космические объекты, находящиеся в разных концах бесконечной галактики. Уникальный симбиоз их в текстиле нового поколения микрофибра открыл неограниченные, воистину галактические возможности для дизайнерских решений в...

Lund grey blue

Стул Woodville Lund grey blue купить по промоакции ✌ сегодня в интернет гипермаркете на Allshopplus ✅ Описание, отзывы потребителей. Сравнение цен. Развернуть. 8 месяцев назад. Перейти на allshopplus.ru. Показать ещё 0 комментариев. Авторизуйтесь, чтобы оставить комментарий.

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Большой выбор мужской одежды и обуви на нашем сайте. Скидки до 70% каждый день и бесплатная доставка по Москве и России! 100% Гарантия качества от официальных магазинов! Быстрый и безопасный онлайн шоппинг с Justbutik.ru...

Kovry73 - Silver D234 Grey Blue

Silver D234 Grey Blue. Главная страницаДорожкиSilver D234 Grey Blue. Всего найдено: 2. Сортировать по. Без сортировки Новизне Названию, по возрастанию Названию, по убыванию Цене, по возрастанию Цене, по убыванию Рейтингу, по возрастанию Рейтингу, по убыванию. 1.2 D234 Grey Blue roll. 00000002429. 540,00 руб. Добавить Подробнее. Добавить в сравнение. 1.5 D234 Grey Blue roll. 00000002430. 1 170,00 руб.

Стул Lund Grey Blue - papinstul.ru

Стул Lund Grey Blue по цене 9 790Руб. купить от производителя с доставкой

3d Модели | Стулья » Страница 9

3D модели cтулья: для кухни, гостиной, барный стул, детский, дизайнерский, современный, классика, табурет, для кафе - скачать модели в формате 3ds Max, Vray, fbx, obj, с ...

Стул Woodville Lund grey blue / Стулья и табуреты.

Выбирайте WOODVILLE LUND GREY вместе с Tkat.ru. ... Стул Woodville Lund grey blue. 0,0. Товар временно отсутствует. Похожие товары: Компьютерное кресло Woodville PC-306 на колесах белый7 211 руб. Техпорт-Москва В магазин Cosmo Табурет Curl7 790 руб. Cosmorelax В магазин Cosmo Стул Boone6 990 руб.

Дизайнерский стул Lund grey blue - vashdommebel.ru

Дизайнерский стул Lund grey blue - на металлокаркасе. Обивка выполнена из ткани. Дизайн модерн-классик. Производство: Лайф-М, Китай. Доставка по России.

Стул "Аллен" (Allen), (модель DС409) | С-Мебель

Стул "Аллен" (Allen), (модель DС409) с металлическими ножками и обивкой из ткани. Удобство модели обеспечивает эргономичная спинка. Данный стул отличается лёгкостью и ...


Since 1994, when sisters Britta and Karin Lund founded the agency, LUNDLUND has been one of the strongest driving forces in contemporary fashion. Based in Stockholm but with an extensive international network, LUNDLUND has been instrumental in creating everything from advertisement campaigns to high fashion editorials.

Blue and Gray | Реконструкция Гражданской Войны...

Часть 1. | Blue and Gray к записи Объяснительная лейтенанта Харпера по делу о вопиющем случае братания с врагом. Tom Harp к записи Униформа Конфедерации. Основы. Часть 1. Asaf Peabody к записи Униформа Конфедерации. Основы. Часть 1.

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Wild Blue-Grey Curls. Пастельный Цвет Волос, Пастельные Цвета Волос, Красочные Волосы, Короткие Кудрявые Волосы, Окрашивание Волос, Фиолетовые Волосы, Объемные Волны, Цвета Волос, Бирюзовые Волосы. Helena Stodůlková. ... blue-grey bathroom love the crown molding. Downstairs bathroom (?) Paint the ceiling Glidden Smooth Stone (?) Alicia Webber. My future house: Bathrooms. Blue grey living room.

Стул Мэри Венге Модель 371 - Купить В Москве В Интернет-магазине Moon ...

Стул Мэри Модель 371. Элегантные линии, натуральные цвета, каркас из массива дерева, мягкое сидение — все это делает стул Мэри отличным дополнением к интерьеру ...

Стул woodville lund grey blue

Van Roon Стул Lund. Стул из хромированного металла, спинка и сидение из серой кожи. Van Roon / Стул Lund / Стул Lund / похожие. 17290 RUR. Стул Woodville Avrora желтый.

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Аккуратный дизайн и технологии Lund создают лодки, обеспечивающие безупречный баланс функциональности и устойчивости. Эксклюзивная технология Lund IPS, IPS2 и IPS3 обеспечивает несравненный контроль и более плавный, “сухой” ход. НЕПРЕВЗОЙДЕННАЯ ФУНКЦИОНАЛЬНОСТЬ. Выбери свой Lund катер.

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Стул Woodville Lund grey blue - купить в интернет-магазине Techport.ru по доступной цене Аксессуары, описание, фото и характеристики Стул Woodville Lund grey blue. Заказ товаров по телефону ...

Раздвижной стол «стурнэс» (Ikea) коричневый сосна 95x74 см ...

Выбрать и заказать Раздвижной стол «стурнэс» Ikea сосна 95x74 см. ... Раскладной обеденный стол на 4-6 человек. ... Стол раскладной "Лунд". 103 788 ...

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Стул София Модель 3044 артикул СТ00113 ... Только до 11 мая 2018 года интернет-магазин moon-tradЕ.ru предлагает вам купить мебель со скидкой 10%, при покупке двух товаров!

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Рейтинг: 5 - 1 голос - 750,00 грн. - В наличии<br />Стул Star-M Лунд Фанера (L11) – купить на ➦ Rozetka.ua. ☎: (044) 537-02-22, ... Раскладной обеденный стол MaximuM Dt tr 900/600 Шоколад. 23042750.

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Стул Woodville Lund grey blue. 7 401 руб. ... цвету и цене модели, но мы всё же советуем попробовать другой подход. Стулья в квартире не потеряются, ...

Darren lund e the wiley international handbook of service learning for social. 3d модели: Стулья - Кресло Lund & Paarmann

3d модели: Стулья - Кресло Lund & Paarmann :: Скачать :: Формат 3dsMax 2011 + obj :: Уникальные дизайнерские кресла ручной работы дизайн-студии "Lund & Paarmann", Дания

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Смотреть что такое "blue grey" в других словарях: Blue Grey — is a type of beef cattle popular in the north of England.It is traditionally produced by crossing a white Shorthorn bull with black Galloway cows. The offspring gain beefiness from their sire and hardiness from their upland dams, and their colour … Wikipedia. blue-grey — adjective of grey tinged with blue • Syn: ↑blue gray, ↑bluish grey, ↑bluish gray • Similar to: ↑achromatic, ↑neutral * * * blueˈ green or blueˈ grey adjective Between … Useful english dictionary.

Blue-gray - Wikipedia

Blue-grey (British English) is a medium bluish-gray color. Another name for this color is livid; this color name comes from the Latin color term lividus meaning "'a dull leaden-blue color', and also used to describe the color of contused flesh, leading to the English expression 'black and blue'". There is a range of colors called livid colors that combine the colors blue and gray. Some of these colors are shown below.

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В интернет-магазине ЛайфМебель в продаже Стул Lund grey blue по цене 10 770 руб. Оперативная доставка по Москве и в регионы России. 8 (495) 540-55-17.

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3d модель стул на хромированных ...

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Купить обеденный стол Lund, цвет: бук натуральный/белый в Москве. Цены на Обеденный стол Lund представлены на нашем сайте. Подробная информация по телефонам ☎ +7 (495) 401 ...

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Кухонный стол раскладной СП-11.1. 10 580руб. Цена 9 710руб. Купить · Стол Турин. 27 470руб. Цена 23 350руб. Купить · Стол Йорк. 11 740руб. Цена 9 ...

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Реализация упаковками Количество в упаковке 4 шт Тип стул Складной нет Материал каркаса металл Цвет каркаса Хромированный металл Мягкое сидение да Обивка ткань Регулировка по высоте нет Цвет обивки Синяя ткань Регулировка по глубине нет Цвет серо-си...

Buy Lund London Cardigan Classic Jewellery Box - Grey

In a soft grey finish. Further accessories available separately. Store precious jewellery in style with this Cardigan classic jewellery box from Lund London. A perfect storage solution for anywhere in your home, this lidded jewellery box is available in two sizes and includes a handy mirror on the inside of the lid and three compartments for practical storage.

Круглый стул: модели на колесиках со спинкой и мягким сиденьем ...

Модели стульев круглой формы очень популярны. В чем их преимущества и недостатки? Какие существуют конструкции на колесиках со спинкой и мягким сиденьем? К ...

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Интернет-магазин Furni.ru предлагает купить стол обеденный «Лунд Natural» в каталоге по цене 22 010.00 руб. с доставкой по Москве и в регионы России. ... Кресло-стул;

Туфли clarks 26123548 grey blue suede

Стул Woodville Lund grey blue. Woodville / похожие товары. 8350.5 руб. 11690.7 руб. ... GREY MER Туфли. замшевая ткань, пряжка, одноцветное изделие, узкий носок, конический каблук, подошва из… GREY MER / похожие товары.

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Ручка-роллер Parker IM Core Light Blue Grey CT качественный инструмент для письма, удобен для повседневного использования. Такая модель станет достойным презентом коллеге или начальнику. Ручка-роллер от Parker IM совмещает в себе комфорт, простоту использования и высокую функциональность.

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Наименование товара: Стул Woodville Lund grey blue. Модель: Lund grey blue. Артикул: 682479. Описание:

3d модели: Стулья - Кресло Lund & Paarmann

3d модели: Стулья - Кресло Lund & Paarmann :: Скачать :: Формат 3dsMax 2011 + obj :: Уникальные дизайнерские кресла ручной работы дизайн-студии "Lund & Paarmann", Дания

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Выбрать и заказать обеденный стол 'sango" The idea дерево 135x75x80 см. Российская федерация ... 26 660 руб. Стол раскладной "Лунд". 22 890 руб.

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📌 Купить СТУЛ lund grey blue в интернет-магазине Москвы. 💰 Цена 8 350 руб. 👉 Быстрая доставка. Оплата при получении.

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Стулья, табуретки 3d модели для 3d Max и других редакторов 3д графики, более чем 27000 объектов для дизайнеров и визуализаторов | 3dlancer.net

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Выбрать и заказать стул "lund" Van roon кожа 43x88x50 см. Нидерланды 19366 в интернет-магазине The Furnish с доставкой по Москве и России! В каталоге огромный ассортимент, всегда в ...

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Стул Manon pearl blue. Цвет — голубой. Обивка — ткань. / / / похожие. Показать цену. Teak House Стул Blackwater Stone Grey. ... Стул Woodville Eames PC-015 grey.

Elizabeth Talbott The Wiley Handbook of Diversity in Special Education

The Wiley Handbook of Diversity in Special Education is a state-of-the-art reference showcasing cutting-edge special education research with a focus on children and youth with disabilities from diverse cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and economic backgrounds. Cutting-edge special education research focusing on children and youth with disabilities from diverse cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and economic backgrounds An authoritative contribution to the field, this work charts a new path to effective interventions and sets an agenda for future research Addresses disabilities from an international perspective

14716.11 РУБ



Jane Bozarth Social Media for Trainers. Techniques Enhancing and Extending Learning

A how-to resource for incorporating social media into training Whether you work in a traditional or virtual classroom, social media can broaden your reach and increase the impact of training. In Social Media for Trainers, e-learning and new media expert Jane Bozarth provides an overview of popular tools, including blogs, wikis, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, SlideShare, Flickr, and others. Youll learn to leverage each mediums unique features and applications to deliver training, facilitate discussions, and extend learning beyond the confines of a training event. This key resource offers a new set of powerful tools for augmenting and enhancing the value of your training. PRAISE FOR SOCIAL MEDIA FOR TRAINERS «Clear explanations and practical examples of the use of social media for learning, make this book essential reading for all workplace trainers.» —Jane Hart, founder, Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies, and founding member of the Internet Time Alliance «… a practical, intelligent book teaching trainers how to effectively utilize technology for real learning outcomes.» —Karl Kapp, professor of Instructional Technology at Bloomsburg University and author of Learning in 3D and Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning «Trainers who want to succeed in the new social learning world should read this book. Jane has made social media easy, practical, and simple to use.» —Ray Jimenez, PhD, Chief Learning Architect, VignettesLearning.com

4152.03 РУБ



Gussak David E. The Wiley Handbook of Art Therapy

The Wiley Handbook of Art Therapy is a collection of original, internationally diverse essays, that provides unsurpassed breadth and depth of coverage of the subject. The most comprehensive art therapy book in the field, exploring a wide range of themes A unique collection of the current and innovative clinical, theoretical and research approaches in the field Cutting-edge in its content, the handbook includes the very latest trends in the subject, and in-depth accounts of the advances in the art therapy arena Edited by two highly renowned and respected academics in the field, with a stellar list of global contributors, including Judy Rubin, Vija Lusebrink, Selma Ciornai, Maria d Ella and Jill Westwood Part of the Wiley Handbooks in Clinical Psychology series

15853.19 РУБ



Teresa Cremin International Handbook of Research on Childrens Literacy, Learning and Culture

The International Handbook of Research in Childrens Literacy, Learning and Culture presents an authoritative distillation of current global knowledge related to the field of primary years literacy studies. Features chapters that conceptualize, interpret, and synthesize relevant research Critically reviews past and current research in order to influence future directions in the field of literacy Offers literacy scholars an international perspective that recognizes and anticipates increasing diversity in literacy practices and cultures

16451.63 РУБ



Corey Rumann B. Called to Serve. A Handbook on Student Veterans and Higher Education

Called to Serve Over the past several years, veteran enrollment in universities, community colleges, and vocational programs has increased dramatically. Called to Serve offers academics and administrators a handbook highlighting the most current research, program initiatives, and recommendations for creating policies and services that can help student veterans and service members succeed, including: Strategies for organizing and staffing services for veterans and service members Suggestions for creating institutional infrastructures and policies related to enrollment, transfer, and degree completion Frameworks for working with service members with physical, emotional, and learning disabilities Praise for Called to Serve «An excellent resource tool for key university leadership who desire to support the success of incoming and current student veterans.» —Renee T. Finnegan, colonel (retired), executive director, Military Initiatives and Partnerships, Office of the President, University of Louisville «One of the more compelling issues of our time is the integration of returning veterans and service members into our society following their service to our country. This handbook will be a critical tool in guiding higher education professionals in developing strategies to ensure their success in college.» —Kevin Kruger, president, NASPA–Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education «This timely book explains and presents a new meaning of called to service. The issues and vignettes bring to life real situations that will be facing all campuses. I highly recommend this valuable resource to those looking forward and not back.» —Gregory Roberts, executive director, ACPA–College Student Educators International «I have waited over forty years for such a comprehensive handbook to be written about the challenges, opportunities, and rewards that are associated with providing higher education to Americas veterans—our future leaders. Well done.» —Robert E. Wallace, Vietnam veteran and executive director, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S., Washington Office

3546.93 РУБ



Tamara Thorpe Youth Learning from the World, Leading in their Communities - Creating Global Leaders for Tomorrow

The new millennium has seen an increasing demand to prepare the next generation to lead in the new global community. As a result, international learning opportunities have a more vital role in developing leaders for tomorrow. International education fosters cross-cultural understanding, leadership skills and a socially and globally conscious attitude. How can educators maximize these learning outcomes and support further skill development once the exchange or abroad program has ended? This study more closely examines the impact of international education on youth leadership development and youth engagement in community service. This action research was done to assist an international youth organization in developing sustainable community service programs to actively engage youth in social action. The findings and recommendations offer international education programs and youth organizations strategies and best practices to support youth leadership development through service learning, an approach to social action, to support and enhance intercultural learning experiences. It can be applied in both academic and non-academic youth programs.

9627 РУБ



Bo Berglund Handbook of Sports Medicine and Science, Canoeing

A new volume in the Handbook of Sports Medicine and Science series from the International Olympic Committee, this volume Canoeing provides an accessible and comprehensive summary of the topic. Provides a concise, authoritative overview of the science, medicine and psycho-social aspects of canoeing Offers guidance on medical aspects unique to the training and coaching of canoe athletes The only book on this subject endorsed by the Medical Commission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Canoe Federation (ICF) Written and edited by global thought leaders in sports medicine

5883.93 РУБ



Michael Kern Teacher Concerns about Service-Learning

Service-Learning is a rapidly growing teachinginnovation. Despite the proliferation ofservice-learning research, little has focused on theteacher, particularly the personal dimension involvedin implementing such an innovation. The purpose ofthis study was to explore teachers' concernsregarding service-learning using the sevendevelopmental Stages of Concern from the ConcernsBased Adoption Model as a framework. Eleven teachersare profiled using the Stages of ConcernQuestionnaire (SoCQ) and interview analysis. Service-learning advocates, K-12 educators, and school administrators should find theStages of Concern a useful model for examining,predicting, and addressing the concerns of teachersengaged in service-learning.

9052 РУБ



Adum Joseph E-learning Technology acceptance, utilization and opportunity at Kampala International University Dar Es Salaam College

Master's Thesis from the year 2012 in the subject Pedagogy - Media Pedagogy, Kampala International University (Computer Science), course: Master of Science in Information System, language: English, abstract: ABSTRACTThe purpose of this research was to find out the acceptance and usage of e-learning technologies, the opportunities brought about by e-learning technologies, and challenges faced in e-learning at Kampala International University. The descriptive survey research design was used, and the respondents were students with a total population of 1780 who were randomly selected. The main instrument was a questionnaire that was distributed to the respondents. The researcher collected 267 completed questionnaires out of a total of 326. Data were analyzed using mean, standard deviation, frequency and statistics. The findings showed that Technology and System is the major factor influencing the acceptance of e-learning technology in Kampala International University. Average usage of e-learning technology was demonstrated at Kampala International University, and several important opportunities in education were determined. The students faced lack of technical support and access to computers as the main challenges when they needed to access course materials online and interaction with other online students. They also encountered several technological challenges such as access to computer equipments from the labs, technical skills to access computer technology and the e-learn...

5677 РУБ



Essau Cecilia A. The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Treatment Childhood and Adolescent Anxiety

Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of the Treatment of Childhood and Adolescent Anxiety presents a collection of readings from leading experts that reveal the most effective evidence-based interventions for the prevention and treatment of anxiety disorders in children and adolescents. Features expertise of the foremost scientist-practitioners in the field of child and adolescent anxiety Includes state-of-the art information on psychological interventions from each author Written in a clear and easy-to-follow manner for a wide audience

4148.25 РУБ



Adam Rutland The Wiley Handbook of Group Processes in Children and Adolescents

A definitive reference on intra- and inter-group processes across a range of age and cultural contexts Children from infancy develop attachments to significant others in their immediate social environment, and over time become aware of other groups (e.g. gender, ethnicity, age, classroom, sports) that they do or do not belong to and why. Recent research shows that children’s attitudes, beliefs and behaviours are significantly influenced by these memberships and that the influence increases through childhood. This Handbook delivers the first comprehensive, international reference on this critical topic.

14716.11 РУБ



William Horton e-Learning by Design

Since the first edition of E-learning by Design, e-learning has evolved rapidly and fringe techniques have moved into the mainstream. Underlying and underwriting these changes in e–learning are advances in technology and changes in society. The second edition of the bestselling book E-Learning by Design offers a comprehensive look at the concepts and processes of developing, creating, and implementing a successful e-learning program. This practical, down-to-earth resource is filled with clear information and instruction without over simplification. The book helps instructors build customized e-learning programs from scratch—building on core principles of instructional design to: develop meaningful activities and lessons; create and administer online tests and assessments; design learning games and simulations; and implement an individualized program. «Every newcomer to the field will find this edition indispensable, while professionals will find much needed contemporary information to manage the rapid changes happening in our field. Even if you own the first edition, buy this update as soon as possible.» —Michael W. Allen, CEO of Allen Interactions, Inc.; author, Michael Allens e-Learning Library Series «Covers the full range of options for presenting learning materials online—including designing useful topics, engaging activities, and reliable tests—and it takes into account the realities and issues of todays instructional designers, such as social learning and mobile learning.» —Saul Carliner, associate professor, Concordia University; author, The E-Learning Handbook «Horton nails it! Perfectly timed, robust, and practical, this second edition of brings together the latest strategies for learning without losing its critical premise—technology enables e-learning, but great design makes it work.» —Marc J. Rosenberg, e-learning strategist; author, Beyond E-Learning «An e-learning encyclopedia loaded with detailed guidelines and examples ranging from basic instructional design techniques to the latest applications in games, social media, and mobile-learning. An essential reference for anyone involved in e-learning design, development, or evaluation» —Ruth Colvin Clark, author, e-Learning and the Science of Instruction

6035.54 РУБ



Alex Blaszczynski The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Disordered Gambling

The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Disordered Gambling is a complete guide to the current empirical literature relating to the conceptualization, assessment, and treatment of disordered gambling. The international contributors are all experienced, practicing clinicians who discuss gambling within a global context. Best-practice guidelines for the clinical management of problem and disordered gambling Contains empirically derived findings that translate research into practical clinical applications that clinicians and counselors can use in understanding and treating problem gamblers Brings together a distinguished international group of scholars whose contributions discuss gambling as it occurs around the globe Clearly organized into sections that cover conceptualization, research, assessment, treatment, and special topics

15470.03 РУБ



Tom Worthington Digital Teaching In Higher Education. Designing E-learning for International Students of Technology, Innovation and the Environment

Higher Education is a global industry, driving a new technological, industrial revolution. However, it is important to remember education is still about teachers helping students learn. This work is a collection of short essays exploring how to use digital technology to provide a form of teaching which will meet social and economic goals, and make use of technology, while still having a place for the academic as a teacher. This book charts one future for Higher Education, including instructional design, planning and management, catering for international students, using Open Education Resources and Mobile Learning. Case studies presenting the design of e-learning courses in ICT Sustainability and innovation are provided, along with educational theory and extensive references.

3602 РУБ



The Course Reflection Project. Faculty Reflections on Teaching Service-Learning

Service-learning is entering a post-initiatory phase. At tertiary institutions of all types and sizes,service-learning programs are common and service-learning requirements for graduation aregrowing in popularity. Taken together -- alongside continued faculty interest in effective teaching-- these factors have raised the visibility and popularity of service-learning. Now the greater needin service-learning is not to prove the need for, or efficacy of, service-learning, but to turn thefocus squarely back on practice. Following established best practice is not enough; instructorsalso need to reflect on how this fits within the specific context and application of each uniquecourse and service-learning partnership. While there are many excellent resources that detail bestpractice and showcase exemplary service-learning courses, faculty reflection and course revisionoften goes unmentioned. In response to the lack of attention on the role of reflection and courserevision, we convened groups of faculty from a variety of disciplines to reflect deeply on their courses, paying specific attention toobstacles and challenges. These conversations were converted to articles for this edited collection, each chapter representing theprocess of reflection and revision and serving as a guide to develop effective practice in varied curricular contexts.This text contributes to the body of literature on service-learning in a unique and practical manner. Faculty teaching or interested inteaching ser...

6227 РУБ



Research for What. Making Engaged Scholarship Matter

A volume in Advances in Service-Learning ResearchSeries Editor Shelley H. Billig, RMC Research Corporation, DenverResearch on service-learning and community engagement has exploded over the pastdecade. It is a field now characterized by increasing methodological and theoreticalsophistication, vast quantitative and qualitative studies, interdisciplinary research, myriadsubjects, and the internationalization of scholarship.The papers in this volume were selected from nearly 100 presentations made atthe 2009 annual conference of the International Association for Research on ServiceLearning and Community Engagement held in Ottawa, Canada's national capital. Theconference theme, Research for What? emphasized fundamental questions, namely: towhat extent is rigorous research uncovering best practices in, and demonstrating the positive results of, service-learning onteaching, learning and building better communities? The papers examine such themes through lenses that include theapplication of theory to practice, K-12 and university-based service-learning, interdisciplinary initiatives, and internationalservice-learning. The introduction provides an overview of the very recent, but remarkable, growth of service-learning inCanada, and the conclusion, written by the recipient of the Association's annual Distinguished Researcher Award, discussesmajor developments, and continuing challenges, in service-learning research.

6302 РУБ



Improving Service-Learning Practice. Research on Models to Enhance Impacts (PB)

This fifth book in the Advances in Service-Learning Research series continues to expand the discussion of service-learning research andpractice. The chapters were selected through a refereed, blind-review process from papers presented at the 4th Annual International K-HService-Learning Research Conference held October 2004 in Greenville, South Carolina. The chapters focus on topics that address a varietyof issues in higher education and teacher education and are organized into four sections.This volume in the series presents new paradigms that can lead practitioners to create more powerful experiences, and lead researchers to abetter understanding of the relationships between service-learning, participants, context, and outcomes. If implemented, the models in thisvolume can do much to help us better understand the essence of service-learning and add to its value to education and the development ofengaged citizens.

6302 РУБ



Winter David A. The Wiley Handbook of Personal Construct Psychology

The Wiley Handbook of Personal Construct Psychology is the definitive new reference for the field, providing a state-of-the-art review of PCP which focuses on the theory and its philosophy, methodology, areas of application and future horizons A definitive new reference work for the field of personal construct psychology, featuring leading international figures in the field Each section begins with a concise chapter that reviews the literature in the area concerned and highlights new developments Covers theory, history, methodology and a wealth of new and established applications including education, grief and meaning reconstruction, sexuality, organizational consultancy and personal construct coaching Draws on published and previously unpublished work by pioneers including Fay Fransella and Miller Mair

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